Simple date night dinner recipe idea

Hello my darlings! I hope you all had a wonderful week! Since my grandma works on Friday nights, that is usually Tom and my at home date nights since we have the whole house to ourselves for a few hours. Normally, Tom and I will cook dinner together but tonight I decided I wanted to make dinner for him all on my own. Now let me just inform you guys that I have never made dinner completely by myself before so to say I was nervous about it is an understatement. Still, 6 months from tomorrow I will officially be a wife so cooking dinner on my own for my family is something I need to be able to do so why not start now! Well, I am happy to report not only was dinner completely edible, it was actually delicious and I didn’t burn the house down! Tom even said that the baked potatoes I made were the best he has ever eaten! So for tonight’s blog post, I thought I would inform you all of the dinner I made and how I made it so maybe you can recreate it for your own family one day! 🙂

So to start off, I decided yesterday I wanted to make honey BBQ marinated thin pork chops with baked potatoes and vegetables. I knew we had potatoes and vegetables at my grandmas so I just picked up some pork chops from the store on my way home last night. Now I don’t like the really thick pork chops. Instead, I prefer the thin ones so I picked up just two thin pork chops from my local Tops.

To begin the actual cooking process, I started with the potatoes.

  1. I preheated the oven to 300 degrees F before washing the potatoes. After rinsing them off, I placed them on a baking sheet that I already covered with tinfoil. Once on the sheet, I took my fork and I poked each of my potatoes (four in total) with my fork 5 times. Next, I smothered them with olive oil and salt before placing them in the oven and setting a timer for 30 minutes.
  2. While the potatoes began to bake, I took my pork chops and placed them into a cooking dish. Next, I covered each pork chop with olive oil, salt, and finally the honey BBQ sauce on each side.
  3. After the 30 minutes were up, I placed the pork chops into the oven next to the potatoes. I raised the oven temperature to 350 degrees F and set the kitchen timer for another 30 minutes.
  4. While that cooked, I put the frozen mixed vegetables in a pan and set it near the stove. Once about 20 minutes went by, I put the pan on one of the burners and set it to 6.
  5. Once the timer went off, I took the potatoes out of the oven and slit each one of them open. I then stuffed each potato with butter and shredded cheddar cheese before placing them back into the oven.
  6. Once another 10 minutes went by, I took both the potatoes and the pork out of the oven. I also drained the vegetables before placing each food item on both Tom and my plate. Once I was done, it looked like this! 31404136_1886130448064058_5094390301833822208_o

And that’s it! Quick, easy and delicious dinner that took about an hour and 15 minutes in total to make. Obviously, you may want to add more BBQ sauce or even use different spices because not everyone has the same taste buds but for me, it was the perfect amount. I know some of you are probably wondering why I feel so accomplished at making such a simple dinner but it’s more the concept that I was able to do it all on my own. For some one with anxiety, being able to cook a full dinner without any help, is a huge accomplishment and one that I really am proud of! I hope you all enjoyed this post and if you do decide to recreate it, let me know how it turns out! I already know this is going to be one of my favorite date night dinners to make but I want to ask all of you, what is your favorite date night dinner? 🙂

Until next time my darlings,

Kaylee D. ❤

I’m tired

I’m Tired


If you looked at me and asked how I was

I’d tell you the truth

I’d tell you i’m tired, though it’s no use

Because to you tired means sleepy

And though that is true

My tired has a ton of more meanings too

I’m tired of never being good enough no matter how hard I try

I’m tired of condescending people, secrets and lies

I’m tired of no one taking me seriously

Doctors, teachers and family only going by what they see

But they don’t know how I feel everyday

They don’t see the pain and suffering, though they think they may

I’m tired of my achy body and bones

I’m tired of being so sick and in pain, i’m forced to stay home

And miss out on all the fun and memories I could have made

Because I was too sick to go, or just to afraid

I’m tired of my anxiety always getting in the way

Making it difficult just to survive each and every day

I’m tired of my depression constantly bringing me down

I miss my smile and I hate this frown

I’m tired of my eyes burning from all of these tears

And i’m tired of all my irrational fears

I’m tired of my emotions never staying in my control

I’m tired of feeling broken, I just want to be whole

I’m tired of hurting the people I love again and again

I’m tired of pushing away all of my friends

I’m tired of school, of work, of home

I’m tired of feeling like I have no place to my own

I’m tired of never feeling understood

I’m tired of constantly feeling bad, I just want to feel good

My soul is tired, my body is too

And no amount of sleep can fix this it’s true

I’m tired of being tired all the time

Won’t someone please show me how to climb

Climb this mountain and get to the other side

Where my soul won’t be tired anymore and I can finally feel alive

So yea I’m tired but don’t you see

Tired has so many more meanings to me

5 tips/pieces of advice for wedding Save the dates!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! Today has been nothing but getting things done for the wedding for me. After watching Bridezillas last night (yup another guilty pleasure reality TV show) I pretty much had a breakdown realizing how much stuff Tom and I still have to do for the wedding so decided to dedicate all of today to wedding planning. The biggest thing I got accomplished today was finally printing out address labels and putting our save the dates in envelopes to be sent out. Because of this, I thought for today’s blog post, I would post my 5 tips/ pieces of advice when it comes to Save the Dates for your wedding. So if you’d like to hear them, continue reading. 🙂

  1. Choose a Magnet instead of just a card

            This is my biggest piece of advice when it comes to deciding on your save the dates. When Tom and I discussed what type of save the date we wanted, I knew right away I wanted a magnet. Unlike a card, a magnet is less likely to be lost or misplaced because once your guest receives it, they will more than likely put it on their fridge. This also helps to make sure your guest doesn’t forget your special day because every time they go to get something out of the refrigerator, they are reminded of when your wedding day is.

  1.    Design your save the date with your partner

        Or at least ask them first if they want to be included in the design process. You’ll be surprised at just how much your husband wants to be included when it comes to wedding details. Tom and I actually wound up having two different save the dates because my mother and I had designed one quickly when she had gotten a coupon to get 5 free magnets from Shutterfly. She received this coupon four more times and each time she did, she got 5 more magnets. It wasn’t until we had 20 magnets that I actually showed Tom our design and to my surprise, he did not like them at all. Since it was about the time we needed to send out our save the dates, Tom and I decided to create a new save the date magnet and together we came up with the perfect one. It worked out well though because we decided to send some of our guests, especially the children who are invited, the ones my mother and I created and send the rest the ones that me and him made together. Since the ones my mom got were free, it really wasn’t a big deal but if you spend money on save the dates that you like and find out your partner doesn’t like them once they arrive, you could lose money and cause an unnecessary argument with your spouse to be.

  1.  Use Shutterfly (Not a sponsor!)

My mom and I are a fan of all Shutterfly products, especially their photo books, so when Tom and I had to get our save the dates, my mom immediately suggested we check out Shutterfly and I’m so happy we did. Shutterfly not only has a ton of different templates that are easily customizable but also have very reasonable prices. Shutterfly also constantly has deals going on and once you order from them once, they will start to send you multiple coupons for free and discounted products (minus the shipping). As a bride on a budget, I highly recommend Shutterfly for your save the dates as well as other Wedding stationary you may need. Below you will see both the save the dates we used and I will also include the link to Shutterfly for both of the templates at the end of this post in case you guys like them and want to use them for your own save the dates! 

This is the one Tom and I designed together
This is the one my mom and I designed
  1. Either order or print out address labels

Tom and I didn’t order address labels because we just figured we would write out the addresses but unless you have super neat handwriting, I highly don’t recommend this. As soon as we started to write out the addresses, it was clear to us that we just couldn’t send out our wedding save the dates like that. Not only was our handwriting messy but writing out 65 or so addresses was too time consuming and tiring. Instead, Tom picked up some address labels and by using a mail merge in Microsoft Word, we printed out all of our addresses out on labels. This made the process much easier and faster because all I simply had to do was peel each label and put it on the envelope. So if you want to save time and hand cramping, either order or print out your own address labels and skip the handwriting.

  1. Make your save the date short and sweet

Think of the save the date as the preview for the wedding invitation. The only real important information that should be included is your wedding date (duh) and the name of the place you are getting married.  The save the date also doesn’t have to be, and shouldn’t be, as elegant and fancy as your future wedding invitation. So make your save the date fun and maybe include a picture (or two or three) of the two of you. This puts that personalized touch into your save the date that your guests are going to love.

So there you have it, my 5 tips/pieces of advice when it comes to save the dates! Do you have anything to add to this list? If so, drop a comment down below, I would love to hear it! Otherwise, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you want to be notified every time I post something new, hit that follow button! 🙂

Until next time my darlings,

Kaylee D. ❤


Link to the save the date Tom and I designed-

Link to the save the date my mom and I designed-

10 random facts about me :)


I figured the perfect first post for my new blog would be a post introducing you to the crazy girl that is me! So here are ten facts about me that will help you navigate and understand this blog a little better!

  1. My full name is Kaylee Marisa DeMarco (soon to be D’Ascanio)  and I was born exactly on my due date, December 24th 1995, which makes me 22 years old, even though I look like i’m 15 😀
  2. On October 28th 2018 I will be marrying the love of my life, Tom. We are high school sweethearts, becoming a couple my Junior year and his Senior year of high school ❤ Without him, I wouldn’t be who I am today and I certainty wouldn’t have started this blog. He gave me the confidence to share my voice with the world and continues to believe in me and my dreams every day!
  3. I am a total animal lover and have always had many pets in my life. At the moment, Tom and I have two dogs but I also have four other dogs who live with my mom as well as 2 cats and an assortment of little critters who live there as well. I’m certain you will get to know each one of them through this blog because they all mean so much to me.
  4. My hobbies include photography, writing, (mainly fiction novels and poetry) reading, listening to music, baking, and working on perler bead projects.
  5. I am a total Disney fanatic, so much so that my wedding theme is Disney and we are going to Disney World for our Honeymoon. Despite my love for Disney, I have yet to visit Disney World so the fact my first time will be on my Honeymoon just makes it even more special!
  6. My favorite colors are blue, pink, and purple. I am a very colorful person so the more colorful something is, the better. Even my engagement ring is a blue sapphire because Tom knew a regular diamond would just not be me.
  7. My favorite causal food is Pizza. I love pizza so much that I have pizza earrings, necklaces, a pillow, a hair bow, and multiple shirts with images of pizza on them. My favorite kind of pizza is extra cheese with bacon. My other favorite food is steak, which is ironic considering my second favorite animal is a cow. My first favorite animal is a dog.
  8. Family is most important to me. If you ask me what I want to be when I grow up, it’s simply to be the best wife and mother I can possibly be. I would love to be in some sort of job where I can work mainly at home, however, I do dream of becoming a fiction author and would also love to help out with middle and high school drama productions. Few things bring me more joy than watching these kids grow from auditions, to rehearsals, to show time. Having done theater all throughout high school, I love being able to share my experiences with these kids and maybe even help them to gain confidence up on that stage.
  9.  My guilty pleasure is reality TV shows. It drives Tom crazy lol but I honestly couldn’t live without my reality TV. My favorite ones would definitely be Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom 2, and Jersey Shore Family Vacation!
  10. I am currently a Thirty-one consultant. My favorite accessory by far is a purse (Tom says I have a bag obsession) so when I decided I wanted to join a direct sales company, Thirty-one was my first choice. I love thirty-one and all there products so if you would like to know more about Thirty-one, feel free to follow my VIP group on FB for more information!

Well now you know some more about me and my crazy life. I hope you enjoyed this post! Now it’s your turn, if you read this, comment a random fact about yourself so I can get to know you a little better!

Until next time my darlings,

Kaylee D ❤