Who am I & What is this blog about?

Hello my beautiful darlings and welcome to my lifestyle blog centered around living your life with chronic and mental illness! My name is Kaylee and despite looking like I am 16 years old, I am actually 24. On October 28th 2018, I married my highschool sweetheart, Tom, after being together for 5 years.

Together we currently live in New York with our 4 adorable furbabies, one that is currently being trained to become my multi-purpose service dog!

Willie Luna Loki Blue (SDIT)

Throughout my life, I have dealt with multiple physical and mental illnesses that have caused life to be pretty difficult at times. These include Fibromyalgia, Anxiety, Depression, Borderline personality disorder, and my most recently diagnosed, Lupus. I have officially been diagnosed with Lupus now since May 2019 and even with being on medication, I still struggle daily with body pain and fatigue that interferes with every aspect of my life.

When I first decided to create this blog, my hope was that my experiences, failures, and triumphs could help others out there who were also struggling. It was a place where I could use my three passions in life to share with all of you my thoughts on life, mental & physical health, wedding planning & marriage, fashion and everything in between in hopes that I could bring joy and/or hope into someone’s life. It was also a place for me to share my personal thoughts and poetry with all who wished to read them.
After being diagnosed with my second autoimmune disease at only 23, the reasons why I created my blog just intensified and I decided to rework my entire blog into a lifestyle blog dedicated to showing that you can still live your life with chronic and mental illness. Not only do I still hope to help others with my story but I also hope to help myself. When you battle chronic and mental illnesses everyday, living can often feel like just existing and that’s not okay anymore. Life is too short to feel like that. I want to make memories, take chances and try new things and what better way to document all of that than through a blog that can show others out there struggling that life is still worth it. Even though it can feel like the end of the world, you can push through and things will get better. 

So what is this blog going to be about? Well it’s simple. This is a lifestyle blog, specifically for people who either suffer from chronic illness, mental illness and/or just feel alone in this crazy world. Through the usage of writing, photos and even some videos, I hope to create content that not only may help someone’s life to be a little easier but overall shows that life with chronic and mental illness can still be beautiful. Just because our path in life is more difficult, does not mean it can’t be just as beautiful as someone’s path who doesn’t have these demons to battle. It just requires a little bit more work. I hope to raise awareness on different chronic and mental illnesses, specifically Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Anxiety, Depression and Borderline personality disorder, as well as just take you on this health journey with me as I learn to navigate this new scary disease that has flipped my entire world upside down. And lastly, I just hope to create content that helps others who are suffering feel less misunderstood and alone in the world. When you live with these illnesses, it’s very easy to feel isolated and just alone. Friends and family can only understand so much of what you are going through but I know for me, reading or watching other young people share their story about being diagnosed and living with chronic and or mental illness, helped me to better accept my reality and provided me with this comfort that made me feel less hopeless than I did sitting in that doctor’s office. I know how it feels to feel alone and it sucks. But what I’m starting to see is I’m not alone and either are you. I think that’s my favorite thing about blogging/vlogging. Blogs provides everyday people with a platform to create content that can relate to all different types of people. Content that not only brings joy and hope into our homes but also can relate to us and make us feel a little less alone. And that is so important in today’s society. 

I look forward to sharing my life and this journey with all of you! I have always said to myself that God allowed my mind and body to have these illnesses because he knows I am not only strong enough to overcome them but I will use my story to help others out there struggling. Well this is the platform I chose to begin to share my story and I hope you all enjoy what I have to say. If you want to know more, you can check out my instagram account or my Youtube channel!

Until next time,

Kaylee D’Ascanio ❤