About Me

Hello my darlings and welcome to my lifestyle blog! My name is Kaylee and I am currently 23 years old. I live in a small town in New York and this past October I married my high school sweetheart Tom after being together for 5 years!


We have two amazing fur babies who are our world, Willie and Luna, and everyday with those two is an adventure. I love writing and photography and dream of becoming an author one day. However, my back-up dream is to become a school counselor since I have a strong passion for psychology and helping others. πŸ˜€

Willie our Pitbull/ Bull Mastiff
luna -1
Luna our Yorkie-poo

Throughout my 23 years of life, I have had to deal with a lot of challenges but through those challenges, I have grown stronger and have learned to appreciate the true beauty of life. To give you all a little background, at 13 years old I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression after my grandfather passed away. My father left when I was 5 years old and since I did not see him a lot, my grandfather had taken on that father role for me. Losing him broke my heart but through the love and support of my friends and family, I got through the most difficult time of my life. However, the anxiety and depression never left. When I turned 16, I began to have a lot of body pain which led to the diagnoses of fibromyalgia and 5 years later, I would be officially diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Knowing this runs in my family, I had always expected to eventually receive that diagnoses, but even the doctors couldn’t believe it happened that young. Living with these physical and mental illness’s make life much harder for me and every day seems like a constant battle. I decided to create this blog in hopes that my experiences, failures, and triumphs can help others out there who are also struggling. It’s a place where I can use my three passions in life to share with all of you my thoughts on life, mental health, wedding planning, fashion and everything in between in hopes that I can bring joy and/or hope into someone’s life. It’s also a place for me to share my personal thoughts and poetry with all who wishes to read them. I always tell myself that God gave my mind and body these illness’s because he knows I am strong enough to overcome them and will use my story to help others who are struggling. Well this is the platform I chose to begin to share my story and I hope you all enjoy what I have to say. I look forward to starting this beautiful journey with all of you! ❀