8 work desk/home desk essentials!

pexels-photo-1020323.jpegHey everyone! Recently my current supervisor informed me that she wanted to hire me as a temporary program assistant for the summer! I got to be a temp. last summer and during the fall semester but once the spring semester started and student accounts officially combined with financial aid, I was forced to return to working as a student worker. Up until a few weeks ago, I was getting very upset at the thought of having to leave this job since my college career at DCC would come to an end in May and I could not work past June 30th as a student worker. Since this is the only job I have known since starting back in 2014, knowing it was ending was not only scary but sad because I have become so close to my co-workers. This is why when my supervisor informed me they wanted me to be a temp. again this summer, I couldn’t believe it! Normally they wouldn’t need a temporary employee but due to the one director having personal issues going on in her life that are keeping her from her work and my supervisor going out on maternity leave, they need someone there to help out the third director. However, once my supervisor also learned that the woman who handles residency paperwork was leaving to go to another office, I was also given the job duties she had and would serve as the temporary residency person until someone new could be officially hired. Which brings me to the whole point of this blog post. Since I am now a new position, I got to move my current cubicle to a much bigger cubicle! While moving everything today and organizing my belongings, I thought it would be fun to share with all of you the 8 essential things I believe you should have on your work desk/cubicle. Don’t have a work desk/cubicle? No problem! These essential things can also work on your desk at home or just in your room in general! So if you would like to learn more, keep on reading! 🙂


  1. A big wall calendar that has the boxes with the dates big enough to write in as well as cross off.

I don’t know why, but there is something so satisfying at the end of the work day about crossing off today’s date on my calendar. Having a big monthly calendar in front of me allows me to see exactly what I have going on that month, including any meetings or assignment due dates that I need to get done. It also has any appointments I may have that month as well as special events and birthdays. It’s a great way to just keep organized and be sure you won’t forget something very important. I also make sure to color code each of the events on my calendar but more on that later.


  1. A 365 day desk calendar

Okay, I know you are all probably saying, why do you need a wall calendar and a desk one. You don’t need both but my desk calendar is more my enjoyment calendar. What I mean by that is since I wanted a wall calendar big enough to cross off dates, I couldn’t get a fancy or cute calendar with pictures like I have in my room due to the small amount of space I have available on my cubicle walls. Instead, my desk calendar provides me with a new picture every single day and is small enough that it fits perfect next to one of my computer monitors. In my case, I have a 365 day dogs of instagram calendar and it always puts a smile on my face seeing the cute dog of the day first thing when I come in. A desk calendar is also great because they make them for literally anything, meaning you can have 365 days of animals, Disney, cars, and really whatever makes you smile on your desk. I love it because even on my most stressful days, looking at my calendar helps put a smile on my face and really that’s a great thing when it comes to a rough day at work.


  1. Hand sanitizer, preferably in a cute case.

Hand sanitizer is something you should have in your purse, in your bag, and especially on your desk. Especially with cold and flu season, having hand sanitizer on your desk helps to keep you healthy. What’s even better is Bath and Body works (not a sponsor) always has these adorable hand sanitizer stands for your desk. Just helps to make something as simple as hand sanitizer become a pretty decoration near your computer and something that may also bring a smile to your face even on your worst days.


  1. Colorful pens

As most of you know, I am a very colorful person so having just boring blue and black ink pens on my desk just wouldn’t be me. Instead, I have pens with pink, purple, light blue, red, and green ink displayed in a nice pen cup on my desk. Not only does writing in colors bring a smile to my face but it also helps me to color code my wall calendar. For example, things written in red are important due dates, deadlines or appointments. Stuff written in light blue have to do with my wedding and wedding planning and anything written in purple or pink are other events that I have going on that month. It not only makes my wall calendar look pretty, it also makes it easier for me to distinguish what events I have going on what days with one quick glance.


  1. Post-it notes

In my job, it is an essential to have a ton of post-it notes on your desk. We basically use post-it notes for everything and if I had to guess, I would say I use about 10-12 post-it notes a day. Not to mention all of the post-it notes I have on my cubicle walls with little notes on them that have to do with work, such as phone numbers, extensions, emails and other important information.


  1. Hanging file folders

This is something that I just recently got to have in my new space and I already love them! They easily hang on the back wall of my cubicle and make it super easy for me to organize and grab any residency paperwork I may need. Instead of having to reach down, open my drawer and pull them out, I simply have to just spin my chair around and grab whichever folder I need. Being organized is very important to me and now having these folders will make doing that much easier!


  1. Pictures of loved ones

I feel like this is a given but no desk, cubicle, or home office area would be complete without a picture or two of your loved ones. At my old cubicle I only had room for one picture of me and Tom but now at this new cubicle, I plan to have pictures up of my pets and family as well. Just another thing you can look at for a smile when work makes you feel like you want to tear your hair out.


  1. Cell phone stand

I’m one of the lucky ones who is allowed to have her cell phone out at my job. As long as I am answering the phones and doing the work I need to get done, I am allowed to have my cell phone on my desk. This is why many of the workers, including myself, have a small cell phone stand on their desk where they can place their cell phone during the work day. This way, if an important call or text comes through, you can easily see it and be able to respond to it. I also find by having my cell phone on this stand, I’m less likely to just pick up my cell phone for no reason which helps to keep me focused on the work in front of me. I find this helps a lot at home when I am trying to get homework done as well.


So there you have it, my top 8 essentials to have at your desk. Of course you also need pens, paper, notebooks, maybe binders and other normal office supplies but these 8 are ones that I feel are sort of unique but have helped me a lot at work. What is one thing you must have at your work desk? Answer in the comments below, I would love to see what you all have to say! Thanks again for reading, I hope you all enjoyed this post!


Until next time my darlings,

Kaylee D. ❤


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